Elnora F. Littleton
Appointed Bolivar County Community Action Agency Executive Director.

The Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families - Region IV - Office of Head Start and the Bolivar County Community Action Agency, Inc. Board of Directors appoints the first African American female to the executive position over the Bolivar County Head Start Program.  Elnora F. Littleton (a Head Start pioneer in her own right) is no stranger to the program. Her testimony is one of success - which started over forty years ago as a high school graduate employed in the Head Start Program. Her ambition, dedication and passion for the betterment of low-income children and families in Bolivar County, MS has served as stepping stones promoting her from Teacher's Assistant to Teacher; from Center Director to Nutrition Director and, from Education Director to Head Start Director. 

Serving faithfully under the leadership of former Executive, Billy J. McCain, Ms Littleton has witnessed transitions and development of Head Start's meager beginnings to a multi-million dollar program. As Executive Director, Mrs. Littleton is responsible for programmatic and fiscal components that serve 771 head start children, 72 early head start children and families in Bolivar County.   

To say the least, her accomplishments and accolades are impeccable.  She is respectively known locally and nationally as a person who gets the job done. Mrs. Littleton anticipates higher dimensions and a new direction for the agency that will impact not only today's generation, but generations to come!

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