BCHP provides a comprehensive program for three (3) and four(4) year old children and their families. Classrooms and playgrounds are designed to facilitate learning. Activities are provided to allow each child development intellectually, physically, socially, creatively and emotionally in a culturally sensitive environment. Educational emphases are placed on helping children acquire development and skill in language, literacy, mathematics, science, physical health, creative arts and approaches to learning.


Education Director, Early Head Start Director – Fanesia Johnson
Comprehensive training for early childhood cognitive development.

Family Services-Director, Ora M. Jackson
Establish/maintain outreach/recruitment system to ensure enrollment of eligible children and also family case management .

Director of Finance – Kimberly Nolan
Perform all accounting procedures supporting BCHP.

Health Services-Director, Jacqueline Skinner
Provide comprehensive health and dental services.

Program Design and Management, Eliza West
Develop and implement a systematic, ongoing process of program planning that includes the consultation of the program’s governing body and program staff.

Human Resources-Director, David Washington
Provide services to employees, i.e., benefits, retirement, etc.

Nutrition-Director, Joyce Lowry
Provide healthy meals and nutrition education.

Special Services-Director, Dondolyn Haynes
Evaluations, referrals and other services in the areas of developmental, physical, occupational, behavioral and mental health.

Transportation – Coordinator, Leanna Thompson
Provide transportation and vehicle/facility maintenance.